Sea Safety

Sea safety for inshore and deep sea commercial fishing is vital because it remains Ireland's most dangerous occupation.

Income is insufficient to provide a living for more than one man.

BIM offers a wide range of courses and guides. A sample of these is below
Sea Safety Training

BIM provides training in safety to prepare you for emergency situations at sea. It includes training for handling vessels in different size categories either greater or less than 15 metres in length, basic safety training, fire prevention and fire-fighting, and medical first aid aboard ships.

Fleet Safety Grants

BIM has a Fleet Safety Scheme which provides grant funding to help improve the safety of fishing vessels. This scheme is intended to further improve the overall safety standards on board Irish Fishing Vessels. The Scheme provides grant aid of up to 40% for the purchase and installation of safety items including statutory lifesaving, fire-fighting, navigation and communications equipment.

Fishermen’s health and wellbeing guide

BIM provides a Fisherman’s Health Manual which gives practical advice to fishermen on how to stay healthy with sections on working at sea, care of eyes, ears and nose, mental stress, fitness, smoking, specific men’s health issues and where to get professional support.